Communication and Autism Team

This is the CAT transition back to school/ setting support page. Below you will find a video with some tips on supporting children and young people back into your settings, also if you are the parents/ carers of a young person with autism there is a page for you.

There are pages for early years, primary, secondary and post 16 setting which include presentations, notes, downloadable resources and website links. There is also a page for any updates on advice or resources we have to share with you.

Please use and share these resources so we can help to make the return after the Covid-19 lockdown as smooth as possible for all children and young people with autism.

SOCial Stories for Covid-19

Having the Covid-19 Vaccination (using InPrint)

Having the Covid-19 Test in school (using Pictograms)

Having the Covid-19 Swab Test in school (using InPrint)

Resources and support for transitioning children and young people with autism back into their school/ setting after Covid-19 Lockdown

Click on the relevant link to you, below…

Early years Primary Secondary Post 16 Families

Keeping you up to date…

Over the coming weeks and months there will be questions arising as we begin to transition children and young people back into schools and settings. When questions are raised, resources and good practice are shared with us we will share them with you. Check back regularly to see what’s new!

FAQ and Answers / new resources / good practice