AET Early Years: Good Autism Practice – Monday 13th March 2023 at Thornbury Centre, Thornbury Road, Birchfield, Birmingham, B20 3DE


Who is this module for?

This module is for childminders and practitioners in a range of Early Years Settings, including preschools, nurseries, children’s centres, and schools.

In this module, we take delegates through some of the distinct learning needs, strengths, and difficulties that autistic children share, whilst helping delegates to take note of individual differences. Participants are given the opportunity to start thinking about a particular autistic child and their learning needs, along with ways in which they can adjust and adapt their own practice and the learning environment.

The aims

The aims of ‘Good autism practice in the Early Years’ are to support practitioners who work directly with autistic children to:

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of good autism practice.
  • Reflect on and improve their practice in working with autistic children.
  • Understand strategies and approaches they can draw upon for autistic children they work with.
  • Reflect on the kind of information they need to collect for the one-page profile, the support plan, and the EYFS profile.
  • Consider how to involve the autistic child and their family in setting learning goals.

Learning objectives

After completing ‘Good autism practice in the Early Years’, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop their knowledge of how the key areas of difference can affect the learning of an autistic child.
  • Consider the approaches, strategies, and adaptations they can implement to remove barriers to wellbeing, participation, and learning for autistic children.
  • Understand the importance of involving the child and family in planning and setting learning goals.
  • Reflect on ways of gathering information from the child, parents/carers, and other professionals.

What will you learn?

  • To develop your knowledge and understanding of good autism practice
  • To understand the guidelines and activities to improve your practice when caring for or working with a child on the autism spectrum
  • How to use the early years autism competency framework to evaluate and develop how you work

Please book before Monday 6th March to guarantee your place. Please note: There is only on-road parking for Thornbury Centre.

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