Assistive Technology for Literacy Event 2022


Who is it for?
• School leadership, SENCOs, Inclusion Leads, English teachers

What is it about?
• The event will include outside speakers and a market place for settings to visit throughout the afternoon to gain further information and insight into the assistive technology available to support pupils with literacy difficulties.
• It aims to support settings and teaching practitioners make decisions about how they can help the learners with literacy difficulties through the integration of assistive technology.

Why do we need assistive technology?
• Assistive technology bridges gaps and can help pupils to access the curriculum independently and record their knowledge, promoting self sufficiency rather than a dependency on adult support thus developing their independence.
• It increases school capacity to meet the needs of children with learning difficulties where response to intervention has been limited, using an integrated working model.
• Preparation for adulthood: assistive technology, which is becoming increasingly more commonplace in the workplace, becomes the normal way of working for a learner.

Course costs: Free
Location: Prince Albert High School, Holford Drive B42 2TU

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