Information for Parents and Carers (COVID-19)

During the current school closures, we would like to offer the following information for parents of children and young people who have additional learning needs or a learning difficulty.

This is an extremely unsettling period for you and your children, and whilst it will be important to offer learning opportunities for children or young people, their well-being is paramount.

Schools across Birmingham and the whole country are working hard to ensure children who are not in school have the resources they need to continue their learning at home until they can return to classes. Your child’s or young person’s school should be the first point of contact for information.  The activities below are designed to compliment and enrich the work already being provided by your child’s school.

Click on the sections below for activities, ideas and strategies.

For further information please visit the local offer website:

Top Tips for Parents when working at home with your child or young person with a learning need

  • Make it fun!
  • Little and often is best.
  • Be positive – give your child lots of praise.
  • If its not going well stop and change the activity.
  • If your child has difficulties with writing consider using other ways to record what they know, comic strips, pictures, diagrams, audio record a story or video them acting.
  • In maths activities, getting your child to communicate what they are doing helps them learn, you don’t need to know all the answers!
  • Make maths real – make models, cook, time activities in the garden e.g. how many jumps can you do in a minute?
  • Keep activities short with a clear beginning, middle and end.
  • Keep a routine – make a timetable. Be realistic.
  • Don’t expect them to work all day! Be guided by your child.
  • It’s ok to revisit things that you have done before, it helps children to remember what they have learnt.
  • Be guided by your child’s interests
  • Remember, every day activities are opportunities for learning e.g. gardening and playing.

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The following websites are currently free and available to support home learning: