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Gaining the views of Children and Young People and parent Carers for Annual Reviews (COVID-19)

During this time of social distancing, schools should ensure that the views of parents/carers and children & young people (CYP) continue to be gathered as part of the annual review process.
It is important to acknowledge that things are very different for CYP at the moment. In addition to questions about their provision, consider also asking them: “How are you feeling?” “What have you found easy?” “What are you finding difficult at the moment?”

Please use the guidance and materials below and contact your SEN Support Services for additional advice.

Click here to download the guidance document

Supporting documents for annual review during restrictions

Year 9 annual reviews

Please find documents below related to specific guidance for Year 9 Annual Reviews:

Online courses for SEND professional development

Our Online Courses provide settings with a range of online learning packages to support professional development and knowledge of areas related to supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We are currently upgrading our Online Courses. Click the link below to go to our new Online Courses page, or alternatively, click here to visit our existing Online Courses website.

Visit our new Online Courses Page (Coming Soon)

Toolkit Progress Tracker

The Toolkit Progress Tracker is an online tool using the Birmingham SEN Language and Literacy Continuums and the Mathematics Frameworks that enables schools to: track and analyse individual, group and whole school toolkit data to demonstrate and report progress for those pupils working below their year group expectations. Produce documents at the click of a button to report to SMT, Governors, Ofsted.

For more information about training and to purchase the tracker, visit our Courses and Resources section and search for ‘Tracker’.

Already subscribed to the Tracker? Click below to access your school’s Tracker site.

Looking for your Tracker site? Click here to go to the Progress Tracker website

National Senco Award at the University of Birmingham

The National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination at the University of Birmingham will have a new cohort starting in September 2022. The National Award is a mandatory qualification which all recently appointed SENCos must undertake within the first three years of taking up the post. The course has an excellent reputation and combines ten face to face days during term-time with access to the online virtual learning environment and full library facilities to support learning. All applicants need to be qualified teachers and have the backing of their headteacher to engage in study time. There are three assignments to hand in during the year and completion of the course is equivalent to 60 Credits at a masters level. Fees for the next academic year are £2,700.

For further information please visit the following link and scroll down for course information and details of how to apply.

Click here for more information and to apply

Here you’ll find a collection of resources and documents supporting SENCOs in their roles as leaders of whole school improvement and development of strategic practice.

These resources can be used to support SENCOs in creating a robust plan for the strategic development of SEN in their schools. Strategic SENCO Audit Tool coming soon!


  • SENCO Year Planner – This is designed to help you to plan by giving you information about the types of tasks that occur each term.
  • Data Dashboard Pack – When populated, provides an overview of your school’s SEN cohort.
  • Strategic SENCO Audit Tool 


Here you will find all downloads and resources from the Strategic SENCO Conferences held in Birmingham.

The workshops cover a range of subjects and are designed to support SENCos or Inclusion leaders in their strategic role.

Resources from the most recent conference are limited in the first 12 months of publication to delegates who attended the conference.  After that time access becomes open to all.

For more information on upcoming conference please visit the Courses and Resources tab or email Terri Cawser at terri.cawser@birmingham.gov.uk


CAT Transition Package can be found here:

CAT Covid-19 Transition Package


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Here you’ll find a useful resources and links to external sites providing information about Preparation for Adulthood (PfA)

PfA Website – Funded by Department for Education (DfE), this site provides expertise and support to local authorities and their partners to embed preparing for adulthood from the earliest years. They work to ensure that young people with SEND achieve paid employment, independent living, housing options, good health, friendships, relationships and community inclusion.


SEND College Information – This is a detailed list of Colleges in the Birmingham area and how they are currently operating, contact details and how they are taking applications during the current period of social distancing. Our guide will be kept up-to-date as and when things change.



Here you’ll find a useful resources that will help you to support your understanding of person-centred practice and help you to write person-centred outcomes.

The ‘Outcome Sandwich’- The model for writing PfA Outcomes gives you a structure to support writing person-centred outcomes. The model is recognised by the Preparation for Adulthood Team (https://www.preparingforadulthood.org.uk/) as an example of good practice and and be used by anyone helping to write outcomes for children and young people with SEND.

PfA and the Golden Thread – This poster is a useful reminder of the key principle that, when planning and preparing support for a child or young person with SEND, aspirations, needs and planned outcomes should be clear throughout a SEN Support Plan or EHCP as a ‘Golden Thread’.

Annual Review Guide (Year 9+) – This checklist sets out key topics to cover at Annual Review and has been designed around the four life domains that are widely used to think about planning for an adult life in the community (PfA). This document can be used to support Annual Review meetings from Year 9 onward.



Pupil and School Support are regularly involved with pilots within the field of SEN. Below are reports for you to share with your setting and to help you in making strategic decisions.


Here you’ll find a collection of resources that will help to increase parental involvement and engagement.

Parent Leaflets (Interventions Pack) – This download contains the first series of parent and carer information leaflets.They contain information about interventions that their child is to receive as part of your graduated approach to meeting their needs.


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Nasen Sharing Practice Flyer

Useful links to for SENCOs to find information and guidance

Local Offer – Birmingham City Council’s SEND Local Offer

Foundation Years – A broad range of information developed by government, professionals and the voluntary and community sector. It is continually updated with the latest news, information and resources.

DfE Publications – Publications by Department for Education

AET Website – The Autism Education Trust (Resources and Information)

Autism West Midlands Site – Find out more about the services and support AWM offer

Action for Children Site – Help for disadvantaged children across the UK

Contact a Family Site – For families with disabled children

SENDIASS – Help and advice for children with SEND

Nasen – Support for practitioners

Managing Transition Article