Sensory Support is a specialist educational service for children and young people with hearing loss or vision impairment. The Birmingham Sensory Support Service comprises of two specialist teaching teams – The Hearing Support Team (HST) and The Vision Support Team (VST).

Each team of specialist staff work with children and young people with a sensory impairment at all stages of their educational development; in homes, early years settings, mainstream schools, special schools and colleges. Each team works in partnership with the child or young person, the family, schools and setting to remove barriers to pupil’s learning and to raise attainment.

The Physical Difficulties Support Service (PDSS) provides specialist support to schools/settings and Children and Young Persons who have

  • a moderate/significant physical difficulty as their primary need.
  • a medical condition, which affects their physical access to the school day.

The team support schools and settings to remove barriers to pupil’s access, learning, social interaction and developing independence.  The team comprises of qualified teachers with experience of teaching and supporting pupils with physical difficulties.

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Hearing Support Team – Helen Cooper

   Vision Support Team    – Kate Campbell

   Physical Difficulties Support Service    – Jane Runacres



Courses & Resources

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our courses have moved to an online platform. The Hearing Support Team has a new free short course available titled ‘Deaf Awareness in Education’.  Please see this current online course, and all other available courses by the various teams, by clicking the link below.

Online Courses