Information for Parents (COVID-19)

We would like to offer the following information for parents of children and young people who have additional learning needs or a learning difficulty.

We have all experienced an extremely unsettling period and whilst it is important to offer learning opportunities for children or young people, their well-being is paramount.

During lockdown restrictions schools across Birmingham and the whole country worked hard to ensure children who were not in school had the resources they needed to continue their learning at home. Your child’s or young person’s school should be the first point of contact for information. The activities below are designed to compliment and enrich the work already provided by your child’s school.

Click on the sections below for activities, ideas and strategies.

For further information please visit the local offer website:

Free online resources

Please note we are not responsible for the content of external sites.
Please check the contents is suitable for your child first.

The sites suggested are not a prescribed list and are given for support at this time.

The following websites are currently free and available to support home learning:

Maths learning websites

Literacy Learning websites

Websites for children who speak English as an additional language

Websites for learning across the curriculum