Welcome to the first blogpost on our newly revamped website!

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Welcome to our first blog!  We hope you like our new look site which has been redesigned to ensure that it is easy to navigate and to find the information you are looking for.

We’ve opened up many of our existing resources to everyone who visits the site. These can now be found in the SENCO Zone or EAL Zone area.

Contributors from the Hearing Support Team, Vision Support Team, Communication & Autism Team and Pupil & School Support will be updating this Blog on a regular basis.  This will provide you with current information and resources which Access to Education Teams are working on as well as updates as to what is happening in the wider SEND and EAL world too.

All new resources on our site will be posted in our SENCO Zone or EAL Zone areas.  Please click the links below to visit either our SENCo Zone or EAL Zone and see what FREE Resources are already available!



Take a moment to explore our new site, perhaps bookmark us, and be sure to check back regularly for more information about our services.

Thanks for visiting our site.