Emotional support resources for the return of pupils after lockdown – specifically for children with vision loss

By Emma Basudev.

With our focus around returning back to some semblance of ‘normality’ after this past year, the return to school is a time of excitement for young people and re-establishing face to face contact with their friends and school peers. However, it can also be a time of uncertainty and anxiety; not knowing how these last twelve months will affect their future aspirations and outcomes.

We are all trying to pull together and work in the best interests of our children and young people, especially those who are potentially more vulnerable than others. Some of the milestones, usually experienced, have been altered for some young people. For example, the experience of sitting final exams, going through the process of revision and experiencing achievement through the collection of exam results. Furthermore, transitioning processes are missed for our youngsters, such as beginning their school journey to those moving onto university. This lost time may alter perspective and expectations. The important challenge for all of us, it is to re-model and manage those needs, which can be continued by this new phase in returning to school and promoting a dialogue for discussion and support for all our young people.

For further information on the emotional support available for young people, specifically with vision loss, please follow the link onto:

RNIB – Information on emotional support for young people in education

There are also a series of podcasts, available at:

RNIB support from CYPF – Self-esteem and resilience

RNIB support from CYPF – Isolation and anxiety

Additional Support

Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic brought challenges to our young people’s everyday lives, there are some of our young people that will also be undergoing changes with their eye conditions and vision loss. Parents and carers need support to advocate for their young person. Hopefully, as a result, the young person will then be able to advocate for themselves independently. Below is further information on how this can be approached:

RNIB Tough Talks –  pdf resource

RNIB support from CYPF – Talking to your child about their eye condition

RNIB support from CYPF – Talking to other people about vision impairment

 Many thanks for reading this blog.

The Vision Support Team.