Understand the Impact of Overlearning

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Welcome to the Pupil and School Support course on ‘Overlearning’.

Overlearning is described as the repeated practice of a skill or the study of material to further strengthen memory and performance. This short course gives more information about this topic and top tips for pupils who may benefit from overlearning.

The course is aimed at class teachers, SENCOs and school leaders. You may wish to use this short course as CPD for all members of staff or new teachers in your school. The course will usually take 25 minutes to complete online.

During this course, you will:

✔ Consider the meaning of Overlearning; the importance of repetition; and find out about the stages of the learning hierarchy. 

✔ look at two important pieces of research related to Overlearning.

✔ be aware of practical strategies including ‘repetition’ and ‘spaced presentation’ to support learners who need it.