The Vision Support Team- The final blog of the summer term- and yet, there is still more to come!

7th July 2021

Hope this blog finds everybody well. This academic year seems to have flown by! The Vision Support Team have been working hard supporting children and young people with vision impairment through their transitions from those going into nurseries, reception class to those starting secondary school and FE college. This is often an enormous step, filled with goodbyes and the ending of one era, to the excitement and opportunities of another. The Teachers, Teaching Assistants, technicians and Habilitation Officers continue to support, right up until the end of the term and into the new term to make sure that the right support continues to be in place for access and achievement going forward.

There are still some events that the Team have planned in these last couple of weeks:

The Sensory Support- Vision Support Team, Teaching assistants network support group – 9th July- between 1.30 and 3pm- where the topics for discussion include:

Oculocutaneous Albinism

Use of the iPad

iPad apps

Formatting resources

For further information of this or the next meeting please contact:

The virtual Playgroup being held on the 20th July between 1-2 pm

Please click here for further information:

There are a few activities that are happening to keep children and young people entertained in the summer holidays. The Habilitation Team, who are located at the Priestley Smith Specialist School are planning their ‘Summer Activity Scheme’ which runs from Monday 26th July until Thursday 29th July- 10am until 2pm. Places are available to children in years 3,4,5, and 6 who have a vision impairment. There is a charge of £10 per day which includes transport for those who live in Birmingham. Children outside this area would need to be transported in. Those children who do not require transport, the daily cost is £5.

Please contact:   Habilitation Service, Priestley Smith School, Beeches Road, B42 2PY Tel: 0121 325 3904 Fax: 0121 325 3910 email:

Here are some links below for further information of events happening over the summer, or things that might be of interest.  

British Blind Sports  

Sense weekly activities by Zoom or over the telephone:

Sense updates 

British Octopush Association  

An article about vision impairment and Octopush  


Victa- ‘My Time to Play’

This is being planned by Guide Dogs in association with Victa, looking at development and play- offering virtual sessions from September 2021. Please click here for further information:  

Finally, a wish that you all have a safe and restful summer, at the end of another ‘different’ academic year, but one where all have tried to embrace the challenges together. Happy summer!  

Watch this space- The new academic year will also see the continuation of the virtual playgroup for pre-school little ones and the TA support group and the new support group being formed for young people and their families who experience Oculocutaneous Albinism. All the very best and have a safe and enjoyable summer. The Vision Support Team.