The Countdown is on to Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)  Raising Awareness Day

Friday 15th October 2021

DLD is referred to as “The most common childhood disability you’ve never heard of.” because despite 7.6% of the population having it (2 in every class of 30) many people have never even heard of it.  We want to support you as SENCos to be a part of changing that.  We know that the right support can make a difference to pupils with DLD.

On Friday 15th October, to mark DLD Awareness Day, we will be releasing our new PSS and SLCN information video explaining how Pupil and School Support can help you when thinking about SLCN in your school.

Come back on 15th October to watch the video and download resources!


In the meantime visit the DLD Awareness Day Website by clicking the link below:

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day Website