New – Secondary CAT PAC for parents

Following feedback from parents, the Communication and Autism Team have widened their offer by developing a parent autism awareness course (CAT PAC) aimed at parents/carers of secondary age pupils. This course not only helps parents/carers to gain an understanding of autism and how it may present in their young person, but it also enables parents to reflect on the challenges and opportunities faced by autistic teenagers.

Each week, a different topic is discussed:

Week 1 – What is Autism?

Week 2 – Social Communication Differences in Teens with Autism

Week 3 – Sensory Differences

Week 4 – Teenage Issues and Autism

Week 5 – Autism, Anxiety and Emotional Well-being

Week 6 – Preparing for Adulthood

Flyers will be sent via school SENCos when courses are available. Our first course will be delivered virtually and begins on Tuesday 8th February 2022.

For further information contact