Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)  Raising Awareness Day

Friday 20th October 2023

DLD is referred to as “The most common childhood disability you’ve never heard of.” because despite 7.6% of the population having it (2 in every class of 30) many people have never even heard of it.  We want to support you as SENCos to be a part of changing that.  We know that the right support can make a difference to pupils with DLD.

The 2023 DLD day theme is “DLD Around the World”, highlighting that DLD occurs in every language. Developmental Language Disorder Day (#DLDday), now in its seventh year, is celebrated annually around the world with more than 40 countries involved. In 2022, over 80 landmarks from around the world lit up in purple and yellow on or around #DLDday. 

At PSS we want to support you in your strategic role and how you can improve outcomes for the pupils in your setting with DLD for those diagnosed and also for those not yet identified. In this bitesize briefing we explain some of the ways in which your PSS teacher can help your universal approach when thinking about Speech Language and Communication Needs and signpost some additional useful resources.

Download - PSS and SLCN - How can we support you? Notes

Useful Contacts & Links

You may find it useful to make a note of the Birmingham SaLT advice line and add these websites to your ‘favourites’.

Birmingham Local Offer


Free short course about screening for SLCN


Speech and Language Therapy


Advice line: 0121 466 6231

 “ican” website a great source of information and resources including free webinar recordings and guidance for supporting pupils with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)          


RADLD “Raising awareness of Developmental Language Disorder” website has lots of useful free resources and information https://radld.org


We hope this presentation is useful in revisiting how you can engage PSS in your graduated approach to SLCN. 

Please speak to your PSS teacher if you would like to discuss how they can support you to further develop your SLCN provision at a strategic and/or a casework level.