Autism Acceptance Week 2024

Autism Acceptance Week

2nd-8th April 2024

For this year’s Autism Acceptance Week, “just some guy” shares some of the ways he can be supported to regulate his emotions.

What can you do to help your pupils with emotional regulation?


Dear people of Birmingham,
What are some of the things that help me to regulate my emotions?

  • Awareness: as I turn my emotions inwards having people that understand and can recognise when I am struggling and support systems in place that help me to explain how I am feeling.
  • Calm and honesty: I am someone who feels others’ emotions powerfully (often more powerfully than the person who felt it in the first place), so having a calm environment is very important but this is not to say don’t express emotions if you are upset or frustrated or happy etc just be honest.
  • Time: it takes time to build a relationship to the point that I feel confidant to be open about how I feel.
  • These methods are specific to me but what is important is that we support the autists around us.

from just some guy