Birmingham SEN Toolkit – Maths 2024


The Maths Toolkit focuses on the identification of barriers to learning in Maths. The Maths Toolkit is split into the Core frameworks and Supplementary Frameworks.  The Core focuses on the key areas of Number and Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  In the same way as the Language and Literacy continuum, the Maths Framework supports schools to identify gaps in knowledge, next steps and provides a range of teaching and learning ideas to support teachers to develop these skills alongside quality first teaching in the classroom.

Please note: This cost is the initial purchase cost and gives you online access for the first 12 months. Within this time, you will have access to any updates made to the materials. After 12 months you will then  have the option to download the documents and continue to use as they are, or you can pay a small subscription fee to continue to benefit from any updates. The cost of continued subscription is £100 for one toolkit.

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